I am writing this to document things that I went through some 30 years ago. There are those who don't want me to write because I have been warned NOT to discuss this. Now I don't care. As one famous commander was quoted saying "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead". I have been told that if I tell anyone..."accidents happen". So maybe everything that happens aren't accidents. If anything does happen to me then you will know where the truth lies. I have had visitors and phone calls warning me to let this thing alone. I have seen men off at a distance watching me. When I let them know that I know they are there, they hurriedly leave.

The following are just some of my recollections of a period of my life that was a living hell. Right now dates and places I don't remember too well. But what I'm about to tell about I live with daily. It wakes me up just about everynight in dreams and flashbacks. I plan to add more chapters .

It has eaten at me so much that I often think that the lucky ones were the ones that came home in body bags. I hope that somehow, some way I can get a closure on this period of my life. I'm writing this for myself and hoping that others will come forward and say "me too".

I don't believe that there are too many Americans that believe the official story of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. With the death of President Kennedy ended the age of innocence and the American public believing what Washington has to say. There is the assassination of President Kennedy, the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, the assassination of Martin Luther King and the fall guy that took the wrap for that. Then there is Watergate, Contra gate and God knows how many other gates there are.

I believe it was in 1964 an American pilot, flying a WW II P-51 Mustang was shot down in Cambodia. There are photographs of him taken as late as 1989. He still is listed as a POW. Our government will not "make arrangements" to free this American because then the government would be admitting to having military personnel in Cambodia.

There were many of our young men left behind in Southeast Asia. I doubt that here are many of them still alive today considering the harsh conditions of being a POW.

Chapter 1