Marion County Veterans Honor Guard


The Marion County Veterans Honor Guard was founded in 1996. Today the Honor Guard has 20 members. Since then the Honor Guard has preformed the military rites at about 550 funerals. In 2003 we preformed the rites at 69 funerals. In January of 2004 we were at 12 funerals. We also attend about 20 events a year. That may be in parades or presenting the Colors at some civic function.

We only serve Marion Co. and counties that touch Marion Co. We can't do more counties. Our old bus is going to die on us one day. It's on it's 3d engine. Anybody got a similar bus with AC that you want to sell or donate to a good cause?

Some days we have preformed the military rites at 2 funerals and have attended one other event. We have had 6 funerals in 5 days.

Any request for military rites at a funeral must come from the funeral director to Ben Browning, Commander at 270-692-3330 or James Robert Moore at 270-692-4512. Requests for events must also come to Ben and James Robert.

The Honor Guard is all volunteer. Most of the members are farmers. Everyone tries to make the Honor Guard functions top priority but sometimes farm work or doctors appointments has to come first.

At most funerals we have a 7 man rifle squad, rifle squad commander, 1 or 2 men to present the Colors, someone offer a prayer, 2-3 men to fold and present the flag. We have 2 buglers. When both of them are there they play a very moving "Echoing Taps".

The Honor Guard also participates in the Memorial Day service and the Veteran's Day service held at the Lebanon National Cemetery. Both services are at 2:00PM on Sunday before the calendar date of the observance at the National Cemetery.


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Marion County Veterans Honor Guard