Chapter 6

February 2004

Well the flash backs are back.... with a vengeance.

There is one that I can't shake. I think I know what started it. Two people in an argument shaking their finger's in each other's face.

Strange how something so simple can set of a chain of events. This is something that I hadn't remembered in 30+ years.

Billy and I were out looking for targets of opportunity. Which really means harass the enemy. Whether it was a lone soldier or a few of them. Our high value targets were officers. You destroy the command structure, the enemy is in chaos.

We had set up our hide in a area that was used frequently with several trails going through it. We had a clear view out to 1,000 yds. We were set up in a very thick brush pile. The muzzle blast would be hard to see unless the enemy was pretty close to us. Usually we passed up the targets less than 200 yds. for fear of being seen.

A Chinese goog was beating/torturing an old man. He kept shaking his fist, a knife but most often he was shaking his finger in this old man's face. With the knife he was threatening to cut his throat or stab him in the chest.

The spotting scope and the range finder said that this target was just about 900 yards. With other shots that day the terrain and temperature and a minimal effect on the round going down range.

We waited until the goon moved away from the old man before I got ready for the shot. Billy watched the shot go down range. I missed by about 2 ft. low and 3 feet to the left. The goog never noticed to the round hitting close by him. Using a little Kentucky windage and made a second shot. I was aiming for the head but instead him him in the neck. The round nearly tore his head off.

When he hit the ground he began to thrash around much like I had seen my grandmother wring the neck off of chickens. I know the thrashing only lasted for a few seconds but it seemed like an eternity through the scope.

Now that scene is running in my head like a never ending video. I can't stop it unless I really get buried deep into my work. At night I dream about taking that target out. I often have the flash back of the Chines officer that was skinning Mr Brown. As I took the stop at Mr Brown, the rifle recoiled with the cross hairs lining up on the guys ear. I got a site picture, got a quick breath, & fired another shot. The Chinese had on a little pith helment. Just as I fired, the goog turned to looke me dead in the eye,just as his helmet went flying out of the site picture. I can't shake that picture. I KNOW he was looking at me, as I blew his head off. Once again I have gotten real sensitive to noise. Recently I was in a doctors office. There were 4-5 kids talking, not being rowdy. Just from that noise I was feeling a panic attack coming on when I was called back to see the doctor.What a relief. I have trouble staying with my grand kids because of the noise.



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