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A little more.....

September of 1998

An internet friend stopped by to visit for a few days. We are both in the same business professionally today. I was astounded by his knowledge of my life over there. He was working for the Army and in country the same time I was. His father worked for the NSS during WWII. He said that he ask his father why he had stayed in THAT business. A few months later his father took him to the Berlin wall. His father said "that is why I stay in the business". Only then did he begin to understand.

I explained to him how bad I felt about all of the targets that had been hit. He told me "you don't understand the "big picture"."

The Big Picture.....

During the Truman - Eisenhower era the cold war started. It soon became apparent that if all out nuclear war there would be no winners. A plan was hatched to bring Russia down and bring down the Berlin wall.

The plan depended upon involving Russia in a little war to drain the country of it's monetary resources, thus causing it's collapse. There were several "little wars" considered but Vietnam was selected. There was a miscalculation in pitting the North against the South. The war would have been over with much sooner had it been a religious war.

When JFK became the President, he was going to get our forces out of Vietnam. I have never believed that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. From personal experience Oswald could not have fired that weapon 2-3 times. The rifle is a bolt action rifle.

If JFK had pulled out of Vietnam, the "Big Picture" would have been trashed.

My friend has given me a different perspective of what we did, our mission & what the real purpose of the Viet Nam war was all about. From his point of view & his knowledge, our little group saved the lives of an estimated 25,000 American lives, not counting causalities.

In his point of view, as result of Viet Nam, we no longer have 10,000 nukes aimed at us, the "Cold War" has warmed up considerably & the Berlin wall has been torn down.

Today I don't feel as bitter as I did when I wrote the first 3 chapters. Maybe, just maybe it was worth it all for the good of the United States of America.....

The idea of "The Big Picture" raises one burning question.... Who is REALLY running this great country????


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