Chapter 4

 The "Lucky" Ones..

There was more than 54,000 men & women that were killed in the war in Viet Nam. Somedays I believe that those men & women are the "Lucky Ones".

Their War is over.

There isn't hardly a waking minute that 'Nam isn't on my mind. Then there are those nights that the War goes on all night long. For me and thousands of others the war is never over. By surviving the jungles, miserable living conditions, not being allowed to tell anyone about what I had been doing, I sentenced myself to now 30 plus years of Hell. I wish this Hell was finished.

I must tell someone, so I'm telling you..

Billy and I were boarding a plane at our little 'Mac Air' site, when a sniper shot Billy. We were coming home. He died in my arms. I wanted to get my 'baby' and go after the sniper that killed my best friend. I don't blame the sniper for Billy's death. We all were just doing a job. Yeah, I was madder than hell at the guy that shot Billy. But we all were doing a job. Doing a dirty, disgusting job. A job that has runied thousands of lives.

A few years ago I found out who Billy's parents are and where they lived. I drove over to their home and parked across the street. I had gone there with the intentions of telling Billy's parents the real story of how their son really died.

After about an hour of soul searching I left without bothering them. Why re-open 30 year old wounds?


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